Nimbus is a consulting services team specializing in modernizing IT infrastructure. We’re accomplish this through deep industry experience, a strong partner network, and a relentless commitment to extrapolating real business value from today’s trends, and applying them across our portfolio and on to you.

What we can help you achieve

Less Downtime | Lower Cost | Happy Devlopers/Employees | Modern Infrastructure

What We Do

Cloud Computing

Whether a private cloud hosted on OpenStack, or a public offering such as AWS, Azure, or Google Compute best suits your needs, we have the expertise to deliver architecture to power your mission critical workloads


We know scale-out storage, and love Ceph, Gluster, and Container Native Storage solutions. Whether dollar per terabyte, dollar per performance, or dollar per BTU makes sense for your business, we have the skills to maximize the value of your storage investment.


We love containers and the efficiency they enable. We’re experts with Docker, Kunernetes, and especially OpenShift, giving us the ability to deliver comprehensive, Platform-as-a-Service solutions


We know a great build and delivery pipeline when we see one, and are very excited about the scalable value of saved time, increased efficiency, and better synergy that come with tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, and many others.

Site Reliability

The best incident is the one that never happens. We know uptime, resiliency, and self-healing services, from the load-balancer to the container cluster. We offer comprehensive site-reliabiliy services, taking best-practice and implementation to the next level through automation.


We have the capacity to advise upon, implement security best practice, from the network, to the servers, and even to the emerging field of containers and cloud security. Whether you need a posture review, or automation to demonstrate compliance on the next audit, we can help.

Technology We Know

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